Christopher was born on January 5, 1957 and was the second youngest of 5 kids. He was lost to us on September 11, 2001. This site is a memorial, remembrance and a tribute. A website can't do justice to the man but if it helps spark a memory, then very well.

He had many joys in his life which was a blessing; his kids, music, fishing, family (the more the merrier) and of course friends. He never met a seafood platter he didn't like. His success afforded him the ability to sit front row at any concert but he generally reserved those for family and friends which made him that much more special. I think he got more joy out of life by seeing it in others. That's what I'll remember most along with his dry wit and sense of humor. The worst thing I could say about Christopher was that in his younger years, he was a bit mischievous but there was not a mean, careless bone in his body.

He left us with some wonderful memories and 3 great kids who are now adults out in the world. He left underprivileged kids the Jacob Marley Foundation which caters to the their needs in after school learning as well as college financial support. He left his memory indelibly etched in so many. God bless.